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More and more lottery players around the world are catching onto Lottoland. This forward-thinking site puts everything you need to play, anywhere in the world, right at your fingertips.

Looking for US Powerball, Australian Lotto, the Euro Millions, the US Mega Millions or Keno? You’ll get it all in one convenient place. Never miss a game.

To put yourself in the running for mega bucks, take your chance on US Powerball. $52 million is the starting jackpot, but look out for much bigger ones, peaking at $1 billion! The chances of you getting lucky are increased by there being nine divisions.

The US Mega Millions is another uber-rich draw. $20 million is the lowest you’ll ever see the jackpot and, on some days, don’t be surprised to see $800 million! There aren’t many weeks when any of the world’s lotteries can compete with this one.

The European lottery scene revolves around the Euro Millions. Thanks to cash from 13 countries, this draw is the biggest on the continent.

Tuesdays and Fridays are the days you need to enter your lucky numbers, then kick back and wait to find out if you’ve won anywhere between $21 million and $250 million. Start thinking of your lucky Euro Numbers now.

To play lottery five days a week, check out Australia’s offering. Three of the major draws are Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto (also referred to as Oz Lotto) and Australian Powerball. Jackpots of $50 million plus are up for grabs when Superdraws and Megadraws take place.

Ever get the urge to give your lucky numbers a whirl at odd times? There’s always Keno, played once every 4 minutes, which makes for 15 times an hour. $1 million is in the ring at every draw – making for lots of chances for lots of cash!

Play all these lotteries online at Lottoland. Think of some lucky numbers, grab your mobile device and you’re ready. Like your local lottery operator, Lottoland is licensed and regulated body, and offers each lottery’s advertised jackpots. It also lets you keep track of lotto results for every draw.

Lottoland Australia - Lotto, Powerball & Keno
Play Australian Lotto & Powerball +Oz Lotto

Play Australian Lotto & Powerball

Australians like their lotto. They like it so much they play it no fewer than five times a week. Try out your lucky numbers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. When playing Australian lotto, you’ll quickly learn that the game’s name varies from state to state. So, TattsLotto, X Lotto and Gold Lotto all mean the same thing, while Tuesday Lotto is also called Oz Lotto.

Another of the benefits of Australian lotteries are the many prize divisions, which boost the likelihood of you winning. For example, six divisions and a minimum jackpot of $4 million is offered by the Saturday Lotto. To try and score $20 million, enter the regular lotto superdraws and, for a $30 million jackpot, go for the annual lotto megadraws.

A guaranteed $3 million goes into the ring every Thursday, when it’s Australian Powerball® time. This can turn into $50 million on occasions. Players have more chances of winning than in any other Australian lotto because there are eight prize divisions. Every entry must have one Powerball® from between 1 and 20, and six numbers from between 1 and 40.

Whether you want to play Australian Powerball® or Wednesday Lotto, you can access them – and the other Australian lotteries – at Lottoland. To enter every draw without fail, choose the subscription option.

Play US Powerball from Australia

US Powerball

At Lottoland, you can play one of the most affluent lotteries in the world: the US Powerball. The reason it’s so rich is that numerous US states contribute. Entrants must decide on five numbers between one and 69, and one US Powerball number between one and 26. Each game costs just 5 bucks a go.

As hard as it is to believe, the US Powerball jackpot guarantees $52 million at every draw. This is just the starting point, though. Keep an eye on it, as you’ll occasionally see mega jackpots worth up to $1 billion. Your chances of taking some cash home are boosted by the fact that there are nine US Powerball divisions.

The first draw of the week happens at 11am (AEST) on Thursday, while the second happens at 1pm (AEST) on Sunday. Winners can take their money home in 30 annual instalments, or claim it all in one fell swoop.

If you’re keen never to miss a draw, order a US Powerball subscription with Lottoland. You’ll be entered automatically. US Powerball results are published on the site straight after every draw.

US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions

The US Mega Millions is the only lottery in the United States to compete with the Mega Millions. Think jackpots at a minimum of $20 million, often climbing their way to a massive $500 million. Right now, the record is an unbelievable $840 million. That’s some money!

The first US Mega Millions draw of the week occurs on Wednesday and the second on Saturday. Entries, which cost 5 bucks, must contain five winning Mega Millions numbers from a range of one and 75, as well as one Megaball from a range of one and 15. The 5x Megaplier in the second division can increase your likelihood of winning by as many as five times.

US Mega Millions winners are choosers. Take your cash home as one lump sum, or ask for the 30 installments, paid once a year for 30 years.

Are there times when you can’t get around to entering the US Mega Millions? Let Lottoland’s subscription take care of the job for you, by entering you automatically. The site also publishes all the US Mega Millions results, so you find out how your numbers went without waiting.

Play Keno Numbers Online

Play Keno Online

Lotteries might not be held around the clock, but Keno is. You might be used to playing it at your local pub or club, but, now, you can play it online, too, at Lottoland. Just grab the nearest mobile device or computer.

Online Keno gives you 15 chances to win every hour. That’s the equivalent to one draw every four minutes, and every draw offers up $1 million! You can start playing at 2:34pm (AEST) daily and continue until 7:54am (AEST).

Here’s what you need to know to understand how to play Keno. During the draw, 20 numbers are picked at random out of a possible 70. Your entry must have between 1 and 10 numbers, and you can stake between $1 and $10 on each. The amount of money you can win depends on how many numbers you choose and how much you risk. To be in the running for the big one million, you must enter 10 numbers. The more you play, the more you’ll learn helpful Keno strategies.

You can play Keno right now at Lottoland Australia. Simply pick your numbers, enter them, and decide how much you’d like to wager.

Euro Millions Lottery

Euro Millions Lotto

US Powerball might be one of the biggest lotteries in the US, but, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Euro Millions is the go-to draw. $22 million is the starting point for the jackpot, which is contributed to by 13 countries. But this can sky rocket as high as $300 million, so it’s worth keeping track of developments! To see the draw live, tune in on Tuesdays and Fridays. Euro Millions is drawn in the city of lights: Paris.

To nab your share in the jackpot, you must choose five winning Euro Millions numbers, alongside two Lucky Stars. The first five can be any numbers between 1 and 50, while the Lucky Stars must be numbers between 1 and 11.

$5* is the entry fee for each game. Buy a Lottoland subscription and you’ll make sure you never miss a draw, even if you’re away, busy with work or simply forgetful. You’ll find the Euro Millions results straight after every draw on the Lottoland site. There’s no need to spend any time at all twiddling your fingers and wondering how your hopefully winning Euro Millions numbers went. Just jump online with your computer or mobile device.

Get Lottery & Powerball Results

Lotto & Powerball Results

Not many lottery players like to wait around wondering about lotto results. Lottoland is very much aware of this, and that’s why the site has come up with an uber-efficient lotto results service. As soon as a draw takes place and the numbers are announced, they’re published online – and you can see them straight away.

If you’re familiar with Australian lotto, you’ll know it’s drawn a whopping five times a week. On Lottoland, all the Australian lotto results are just a few clicks away. See Monday or Wednesday lotto results, Tuesday lotto results, Thursday lotto results or Saturday lotto results anytime.

The same goes for the two main lotteries in the United States. That’s right, find US Powerball results and US MegaMillions results in the blink of an eye. Results for prize tiers are included as well. You never know – you might not win the jackpot, but a few matching numbers can still score you a sweet prize.

The EuroMillions results follow suit. Once the draws, which occur in Paris every Tuesday and Friday are done, Lottoland pops the results online. Hop on and find out if you’ll be benefiting from this huge lottery, which is created by cash from 13 nations.

There’s no doubt that, for lotto results, Lottoland is hard to beat. You’ll find all the major ones there, from Australian lotto results, US Powerball results and US MegaMillions results, through to EuroMillions results. It’s your chance to win big.