Play Australian Lotto & Powerball +Oz Lotto

Australian Lotto & Powerball

Let Lottoland put you on the super highway to wealth with Australian Lotto. Lotteries are drawn five times a week, so from Monday to Thursday, and on Saturday, you can give yourself a chance of striking it rich.

Play Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto to be in the running to share in a $1 million and, when Superdraw jackpots roll around, take advantage of $5 million minimums. What’s more, huge prizes, paying out over $50 million, could turn your daydreams into reality if you hit lucky Australian Powerball® And Oz Lotto® numbers. Play Powerball® every Thursday at 8:30pm (AEST) with Lottoland, for minimum $3 million pools. Then, when the weekend arrives, play Saturday Lotto. You’ll have pretty much nothing to lose, as single games cost just $0.70*, thanks to Lottoland’s competitive pricing.

Australian Lotto takes place all over the nation, but is marketed with various names from state to state, such as Tatts Lotto, Gold Lotto and X Lotto. Different names, same fantastic opportunities!

Another of the advantages of playing Australian Lotto with Lottoland is getting access to the Double Jackpot option. By doubling your stake, you can double your winnings on any draw. That’s a minor investment for a potentially massive win!

With so many lotto games on the go in Australia, keeping up with lotto results can be challenging. Don’t worry, because Lottoland provides you with a prompt and comprehensive results record. You can check your performance and revise your number selection strategies whenever you want!

Wednesday Lotto

Get your fill of midweek, million-dollar lotto action at Lottoland. With the Australian Monday and Wednesday Lotto, you can have a go at filling your pockets with jackpots that start from a million bucks. When the Wednesday Lotto Superdraws come around, potential payouts jump to over $5 million.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto both offer six fantastic prize divisions. For that reason, they’re the stand out lotteries in Australia, offering the best odds for a player to hit the jackpot.

These super-popular national games are known as Monday and Wednesday lotto in New South Wales and South Australia. However, in Queensland, you’ll hear them referred to as Gold Lotto, and, in South Australia, they’re called X Lotto. Go anywhere else in Australia and you’ll hear people call them Tatts Lotto.

There is so much money to win. So, get in on the action and play the Australian Monday and Wednesday Lotto at Lottoland today.

Saturday Lotto

Spice up your Saturdays with LottoLand by having a crack at the Australian Saturday Lotto. Oz Saturday Lotto has pools that begin with a magnificent $4 million and swell to enormous Saturday Lotto Superdraws and Saturday Lotto Megadraws that top $20 million. Oz Saturday Lotto is massive and is marketed all across Australia as Saturday Lotto, Gold Lotto, Tatts Lotto and Lotto.

It’s so easy to play at Lottoland. Just pick six numbers and match them all to win a life-changing jackpot. Play for just $0.70* a game and use our fantastic Quick +1 to select lucky random numbers quickly. Pick 3 correct numbers and hit one of the two supplementary numbers, and instantly share in one of six prize divisions.

To boost that winning feeling, double your stake and take the Lottoland Double Jackpot option. Your potential winnings will grow 100 per cent.

Australian Powerball

Every Thursday is Australian Powerball® day at Lottoland. Dream to win big and play every Thursday at 8:30 (AEST) to collect Powerball® jackpots topping an amazing $50 million. As you might’ve guessed, Powerball® is Australia’s richest Thursday Lotto.

How to win Powerball®: select six numbers from 1-40 and a solitary Powerball® from 1-20. Simply match all six winning numbers and the Powerball®, and you’re in luck!

There are eight Powerball® Divisions paying generous prizes. To get your share of one, match 2 numbers and the supplementary number.

Australian Powerball® is also known as Thursday Lotto, and you can play for just $0.90* for a game at Lottoland. It’s so affordable that you’d be crazy not to select the DoubleJackpot option, which doubles your stake and your potential winnings.

Lottoland provides you with all the Powerball® Results and the safe convenience of having all your winnings instantly transferred into your Lottoland account.

Oz Lotto

Have a whirl on the Tuesday Lotto with Lottoland Australia.

Established in 1994, Oz Lotto® is held every Tuesday at 8:30 (AEST). Oz Lotto® jackpots grow from a minimum $2 million into spectacular amounts exceeding $50 million. The record payout of $112 million for Oz Lotto was paid out in November 2012.

How to win Oz Lotto®: simply select seven numbers and match them all to become an instant multi-millionaire! Two additional supplementary numbers are also drawn. Just match a minimum of three main numbers and at least one supplementary to enjoy a share of the prize money pay out across seven OZ Lotto® divisions.

Become a super millionaire for only $1.20* per single game on the Tuesday Lotto with Lottoland. Double your returns by doubling your stake with the LottoLand Double Jackpot option. No need to worry about forgetting to check your tickets, as Lottoland provides all the Oz Lotto® results.

Australian Lottoland Results

At Lottoland our priority is to get the latest Australian Lotto results to you at the speed of lightning. You need to know when you win and how much you win, so can calculate your strategy for your next Lotto investment. We take particular care to ensure that all Australian Lotto and Powerball® results are easily accessible and accurate. At Lottoland Australia, you get fast and comprehensive results for the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Tuesday Lotto, the Thursday and the Saturday Lotto.

So, power up and play the Australian Lotto all week long. Oz Saturday Lotto is held every Saturday at 8:30pm (AEST), Oz Powerball® is on Thursdays at 8:30pm (AEST), the Oz Lotto® is drawn every Tuesday at 8:30pm (AEST) and the Monday and Wednesday Lotto draws take place every Monday and every Wednesday at 8:30 pm (AEST).

Play every single lottery game in Australia with peace of mind knowing that all your winnings will be credited to your account as soon as possible! Lottoland Australia will keep you informed about huge upcoming jackpots and “must win” draws. No more stress or missed winnings because of lost, stolen, forgotten or damaged tickets. You no longer need to be worried about your lucky numbers coming up without you being live in the draw.

Play the Australian Lotto the fun, safe and convenient way and win the lavish lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Let Lottoland Australia do all the hard work for you and fast track your way to millionaire Lotto luxury.

Lottoland Australia

Grab your share of the Australian Lotto bounty with Lottoland Australia. Your Lottoland account allows you to play all the Australian Lotto games five days a week! Lottoland Australia covers the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Tuesday Lotto, Thursday Lotto and Saturday Lotto. So, you rarely have to sit around wishing you were playing.

With single games starting from $0.60*, you have a penny entry platform to score massive jackpots, kicking off at $1 million and often reaching $50 million. On occasion, Oz Lotto® and the Powerball® Jackpots payouts have topped over a $100 million.

Why stop there? Double your stake and increase your winnings twofold with Lottoland Australia’s Double Jackpot option.

We provide up-to-date results and payouts of all Australian lotteries, so you will know straight away when you hit the big time. Maximise your lotto enjoyment and play the Australian Lotto on line with Lottoland Australia today!

*Prices are subject to change and subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing.

*Powerball® and Oz Lotto® are Australian registered trademarks of Tatts. The use of the words Powerball® and Oz Lotto® is for informational and informative purposes only.