Euro Millions Lottery

Euro Millions Lotto

Imagine winning anything up to 190 million Euros – that’s in the region of 267 million Australian dollars. Well, for increasing numbers of our citizens, they are giving themselves a chance to do something like that, by entering the superb Euro Millions lottery through Lottoland. And the cost of a single game? Just $5*!

That massive record rollover jackpot is amazing; and, for each Euro Millions jackpot draw, the prize is at least €15m, which equates to around $21m. So, every Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm Central European Time in Paris, the hopes of many Australians are well represented.

It’s so simple to be a Euro Millions jackpot player. The first action is to select any five numbers from between one and 50. You then finish with two Lucky Stars numbers (between one and 11). Match all seven in the draw and you’re a jackpot winner. But you can claim a prize by matching only two of those main number choices. Euro Millions offers 13 prize divisions to spread the fortune out.

Huge jackpots make it the biggest lottery game in Europe. Lottoland helps you enter and delivers all the draw results information you’ll ever need. Surely it’s time to play!

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

We’re famous as a nation that loves a punt, but also as canny operators. This is why an increasingly popular place to enjoy a winner’s chance is by playing Euro Millions online through our Lottoland site. Naturally, we will match any prizes awarded by the official lottery provider. Now, from just $5*, you can quickly be a participant in Europe’s most famous and record-breaking lottery – their most humongous ever jackpot won was an almost unbelievable €190m ($267m).

It’s really easy to play at Lottoland. Simply make five number choices between one and 50, and then supplement them with a couple of Lucky Stars (from one to 11). Job done! Should all seven come up in the draw, congratulations – you’re a big Euro Millions jackpot winner!

Lottoland gives you either a way to have an automatic entry in every twice weekly draw, or to prefer just to enter automatically when a jackpot hits a chosen level. The Euro Millions numbers are drawn Fridays and Tuesdays in Paris at 9.30pm Central European Time.

Playing Euro Millions at Lottoland means peaceful dreams and waking up to wonder if, just if… Find out by checking all the jackpot draw winning numbers on our site.

Euro Millions Lotto vs Euro Jackpot

We know that lots of people wonder which side to take in the Euro Millions v Euro Jackpot conundrum. Of course, you can enjoy both here at Lottoland. However, we’re happy to run through the similarities and key differences between the two.

Starting at the minimum end of the jackpot scale, and comparing Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot shows that the former kicks off at €15m ($21m) and Euro Jackpot is a bit lower at €10m (A$14m). The rollover growth lets Euro Millions end much higher, as their current record of €190m ($267m approx) shows. Euro Jackpot’s comparable biggest payout is only €60m ($84m or so). Comparing win probabilities shows Euro Millions at 1:23, while Euro Jackpot virtually doubles that out to 1:42. Whichever you choose, or both, make your play here at Lottoland – Euro Jackpot entry is from just $3; Euro Millions from $5*.

Either draw asks you to pick your five main numbers from one to 50 and then add two bonus numbers; with Euro Millions these range from one to 11; Euro Jackpot one to 10.

So that’s our Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot facts and comparisons completed. Once you complete your entry, do check out the results from both at Lottoland. By the way, Euro Millions draws twice as often, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30pm. Euro Jackpot only on Fridays at 9pm – all timings are CET. Make sure you are entered in good time!

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

We have a great offer for all lottery fans out there! Full details in a moment, but the offer is for you to take part in the fabulous twice-weekly Euro Millions jackpot lottery draws. They take place every Tuesday and Friday in beautiful Paris at 9.30pm Central European Time.

Gaining greatly in popularity amongst Australians, Euro Millions is the lottery that hands out the biggest jackpots in Europe. Their record currently stands at $267m or so (€190m) and Euro Millions also delivers a terrific minimum of $21m (€15m).

We haven’t forgotten the offer. Euro Millions was started in 2004 by a combination of the national lotteries in Spain, the UK and France. Wouldn’t it be amazing to head online to Lottoland any Wednesday or Saturday morning, check the numbers, and need to lie down again quite quickly?

Lottoland will offer a whopping 15% discount when you buy a subscription for at least a single game in each of these two draws. Instead of costing you $10, Lottoland asks for just $8.50!

So, head online, choose five main numbers, add two Lucky Stars selections, and you can be part of the great twice weekly expectations!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

It’s Paris, it’s a Tuesday or Friday, and it’s 9.30pm (CET). Do thoughts turn to love and romance? Probably. But many people will also be keeping a close watch on the twice-weekly Euro Millions jackpot draws happening right then.

It’s an amazing lottery, this Euro Millions. It was started by the national lotteries of France, Spain and the UK in 2004, and now offers the biggest of lottery jackpots anywhere in the continent of Europe. With a jackpot minimum of a very useful €15m – that’s around $21m Australian, steady yourself as we tell you their record rollover jackpot reached an incredible €190m ($267m) before it was claimed!

After you take a moment to be part of these great draws through Lottoland, you’ll obviously be keen to discover if your choices have won anywhere through their generous 13 prize divisions. Check with us, and you can even check out the results of every single Euro Millions draw ever made – although we’re not too sure why you’d want to!

Euro Millions at Lottoland is so very easy to enter, and it’s every bit as simple to check any draw results. Of course, should you win, la vie est surely belle. Bon chance!