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Latest Lotto & Powerball Results

Are you a keen fan of our own and the world’s greatest lotteries? Do you like to play one or more of them on a regular basis, and are you always keen to find out if you’ve been successful? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then we’d like to ask you to visit our superb Lottoland web portal. Our aim is to make it as quick and easy for you to play, and then check the results, as you want. And for this service to be available at any time you want to access it, and no matter where you find yourself.

Let’s give you just a flavour of the many games you can investigate and play at Lottoland. Of course, all the Australian games you’d expect are waiting for you, as are some truly superb international choices. World famous names such as US PowerBall and MegaMillions, hugely popular on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, are a key part of our portfolio. Across in Europe, and you might guess that from their names, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot are leaders in the lottery pack in that part of the world. And many Australians also enjoy the chance to play the UK Lotto.

Whichever are your choices, the draw results will be on the Lottoland site just as soon as they have been completed. We’ll also keep you updated about any jackpots won or rolled over, deliver results breakdown information across all prize divisions or tiers; and even provide past results should you need to go there.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

Names such as Oz Lotto®, PowerBall® and Keno are as familiar to Australians as those of any favourite footy, rugby, soccer or other team. It might be fair to say they can generate just as much passion as well. And we haven’t forgotten those Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday or Thursday, and Saturday Lotto games.

We are passionate at Lottoland to allow people to play these games, both quickly and easily, and at any time. But, just like any sport you follow, knowing the results of these lottery draws is often a matter of urgency. This is why we are equally hyped to make sure that you can access the results as soon as possible after the draws are completed. Not forgetting the chance to play, and check up on, Keno from early afternoon and right on through the night.

Take a trip to Lottoland now, and see all this for yourself. Just like you’d barrack for your favourite footy club, our team here are enthusiastic about giving a shout out for customer driven service. Come and see what we’re shouting about now.

Winning Keno Number Results

Keno – just the name itself seems a part of the fabric of how so many Australians live their life. Not surprising, as we reckon Keno happens more often each day than just about anything else you do apart from breathing – and moaning about politicians! Well, sometimes.

That’s every four minutes for Keno. The day’s action kicks off at 2.34pm AEST (that’s 4.34pm AEDT) each afternoon. Unlike sports, there’s no quarter time for coaches to holler, or half time intervals for pundits to, well pund. OK, that’s not a real word. Back to Keno because it’s still going, and the final siren could only sound after the 7.54am AEST (9.54am AEDT) draw is complete.

Every four minutes, 15 times an hour, 20 numbers are drawn from between one and 70. You choose to play between one and ten numbers. Each game offers the possibility of a million dollar jackpot. Play at Lottoland anytime, check the results when you want – and we keep a full two days of results in case it’s a while before you can get round to it.

To join the next Keno draw, and it’s in four minutes or less for most of the day and night, come to Lottoland. You can check out a heck of a lot more while you’re there.

US Powerball Results

Politicians have compared being successful in an election to hitting the jackpot in a lottery. Well, if any ever managed that when playing US PowerBall, they might not even bother with politics any more. This is because this game holds the world record for the most humongous jackpot payout of all time. Can you imagine what the amount was? We’ve a feeling you might need to add quite a lot more to your guess…

Were you anywhere near the January 2016 total of $2.3 billion dollars? Mind you, it’s not just a one-trick pony, because US PowerBall offers prizes across nine prize divisions each time. Here at Lottoland, we make it so easy to play great games like these. But we also know results are important to you. That’s why we make each result automatically available after every draw, and list those results right back to 1992.

Key info: US PowerBall draws happen on each Thursday and Sunday at 11am (AEST) or 1pm (AEDT). If you’d like to enter, you’ll need to decide on five numbers between one and 66, and then a PowerBall between one and 20. That’s all there is to it – come and see for yourself at Lottoland.

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Have you tried out some of the terrific lottery games available elsewhere in our ever-shrinking world? Here’s a terrific choice from Europe: EuroMillions. This launched in 2004, and is played widely across the continent, with the draws taking place each Tuesday and Friday, located in Paris, and timed for 9.30pm (CET).

Through Lottoland you can be part of the next available draw. To play, select five numbers from a wide choice of between one and 50. Then add your two Lucky Stars choices between one and 11.

If every one of your seven selections is drawn, EuroMillions Jackpot Winner would be your new title! Perhaps not on a business card though! And those jackpots – to give you an idea, their highest rollover payout was a European record, at some $267 million. Added to that, you could also win across 13 prize divisions.

Head to Lottoland now and be part of the EuroMillions excitement. Of course, you’ll also find the results, automatically posted just as soon as the draws have been made, and we have them stored right back to 2004.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

When Americans call something ‘mega’ they usually aren’t joking! That’s certainly the case when they refer to the US MegaMillions lottery draws – and particularly the jackpot rollover amounts they build to. Back in 2012, it reached an astonishing $840 million dollars before it was claimed. That’s the runner-up in any ‘Greatest Jackpot Ever Paid’ competition!

As so many Australians are slightly fond of the occasional punt, it’s no surprise to our Lottoland team that US MegaMillions is increasing in popularity. We make it easy to play, and we don’t forget that you’ll want the results just as soon as those American draws are completed. They’re held each Wednesday and Saturday. They’re timed at 1pm (AEST) or 3pm (AEDT).

Play US MegaMillions at Lottoland: you’ll be prompted to choose just five numbers from between one and 75, and then to add to this with a single Megaball from one through 15. Any jackpot winner will need to match all their numbers, but there are a healthy nine prize divisions as part of each draw.

Become one of our MegaMillions fans at Lottoland, where it’s easy to play and you can check results going back more than 20 years.