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For many Australians, playing our own lotteries is a habit we would hate to break. Wherever we are, and whenever we choose, we want to be able to play our chosen games. And online with Lottoland is the place to do so, both quickly and easily.

Equally, for many people who enjoy a punt, the chance to strike out further afield is quite refreshing and hugely enjoyable. This is why we have made sure that, at Lottoland Australia, it’s just as easy to do that, as it is to play our own games. We have searched around the globe and found what we believe to be really terrific contests, ones that are hugely popular in their own countries or continents.

This means that our customers now have the chance to be a key player in such legendary games as either MegaMillions and US PowerBall from the United States, or the United Kingdom Lotto, plus the favourite of so many Italians – SuperEnalotto. We could never ignore the multi-country EuroMillions, as it regularly delivers the biggest jackpot payouts across that whole continent.

For some reason, people are often surprised to know that, at Lottoland, we pay out the same amount as any winner receives in their own country or currency. But we know that Australians would always expect such straight dealing! These winnings are credited to your Lottoland Australia account, and we leave the dreaming of how to spend such prizes up to you.

What we also do is to include our own exclusive promotions, jackpots or bonuses – making it even more fun to play these games on our own Lottoland site here in Australia. Time to play now!

Lottoland Australia

Many folk work to the theory that life is all about taking your chances, and gambling when the time is right. Our hard working team here at Lottoland Australia certainly appreciate such sentiments! We know how popular all of our own country’s lotteries are; just think of the word ‘Keno’ and you’ll see what we mean!

Life is also about seeking out other chances, and finding alternatives. Again, that’s what our team are really good at delivering. We’ve scoured the globe to pick out selected opportunities for the inhabitants of West and South Australia, Northern and Capital Territories, as well as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania to be part of great jackpot games worldwide.

Check with us now and you’ll find you can quickly play either US PowerBall or MegaMillions, the UK Lotto or Italian SuperEnalotto, as well as the hugely popular EuroMillions game. To this, we actually add our very own Lottoland Australia promotions and bonuses. Take DoubleJackpot: you double your stake and that’s what will happen should you scoop that jackpot prize!

Choose your games from these lotteries, make the required number choices and confirm the number of lines. Job done! And no worries: any winnings through playing at Lottoland Australia always completely match those amounts of all the prize tiers and divisions for each lottery in its home country or continent. So, wherever and whenever you like to be online enjoying the chance to win huge jackpots, Lottoland Australia is the only place to go!

How Lottoland Works

Many people right across Australia want to be able to play not only our own home grown lottery games, but some major ones in other places across the Earth. This is how Lottoland works: we provide opportunities to enter the same competitions as folks in the US and Europe, and to win exactly the same prizes. If you haven’t yet found out about some of the staggering jackpots, running into many hundreds of million dollars, then it’s a good idea to join us and suss out the US PowerBall and MegaMillions draws, as well as the hugely popular EuroMillions on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Same prizes as we said, and just as easy to play: you choose your games and then both your numbers and the level of entries. If you wonder how we can pay out on all winning tickets just as if you were a local entrant, it’s thanks to a superb insurance model which guarantees this. And that’s across every prize tier, not just the jackpot. Winnings are credited to your Lottoland Australia account. Incidentally, we also add some flourishes of our own, with great offers and superb bonuses that aren’t even a part of those official American and European games.

Final thing to know: head to our site whenever you’re ready to check out the latest, or even long past, lottery results. We keep them there for whenever you need them. To use the current jargon, that’s our business model. Come and see it for yourself!

Lottoland Australia Cash4Life

What does it feel like to hold a thousand dollars in your hand? Now, imagine it disappeared! But, amazingly, it was soon back again – or was it another set of dollar bills? Okay – this might sound like a magic trick, but it isn’t. It’s the basis of the sensational Cash4Life game that so many people enjoy being a part of here at Lottoland.

If you win, that $1000 would appear, fresh and ready for use, every single day of every single week, of every single month, of every single year, right through the rest of your life! That’s over a third of a million in just one year! And in the next one! And the one after. we’re sure you have the idea. And there’s more: a total of 8 superb prize tiers, including a second prize of $1000 every single month, of every single year, for as long. need we go on?

Top prize winners need to first match five numbers from a slate of between 1 and 60, and then a single CashBall between 1 and 4. At Lottoland, just $2* enters you into a single game, and the odds of winning that Cash4Life jackpot are 1:21,846,048; a lot better than what’s offered by so many other lottery competitions.

The draws are twice weekly – Thursdays and Mondays at 9pm (ET) – so, if you haven’t yet, enter at Lottoland before the next one comes up!

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.