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How often do arguments start when people are asked to name ‘the best…’? Our Lottoland team are sure this would be true if keen punters are asked about favourite lotto games. Some would immediately pick our own Australian lotteries – and why not?

Others would plump for a European lottery like EuroMillions or a native country game from France or Germany, perhaps the UK Lotto or Italy’s SuperEnalotto. Other popular choices would usually include both US MegaMillions and PowerBall.

Our passionate team are agreed on one thing – whatever your personal choices, there’s no simpler or quicker way to play the lottery games of your choice than with us here at Lottoland.

Austrian Lotto

The Austrian Lotto is a precise event, twice weekly on Wednesday at 6.48pm and then Saturday at 7.15pm – both Central European Time and don’t be late! To be part of any draw, you should come to Lottoland and then choose six numbers, all of which need to be matched for you to win the jackpot; the record payout for which is €9.5m/$14m. An investment of just $2* gets you into the game and the Austrian Lotto has eight prize divisions, and their draw jackpot winning odds are 1:8,145,060.

All vital information now provided, please come and play this great game at Lottoland today.

Christmas Lottery

Santa doesn’t pay for Christmas – but El Gordo could! Not a member of his team of elves, or even a magical reindeer, El Gordo is actually one of this planet’s greatest lottery draw events. Held in Spain on 22nd December 2016, this special Spanish Christmas jackpot lottery will deliver an astonishing total prize fund of… three billion dollars!

Here’s how to be part of the fun through Lottoland: choose an available ticket number between 00000 and 99999. You then choose which share of this ticket you wish to buy. Possibilities kick off at 1/100th for just $6.99*, right through to buying the whole ticket and that will cost $349.99*. Huge prize fund, choice of entry level – why not come and try this year’s El Gordo at Lottoland.

Euro Jackpot Lottery

Of all our lottery games from right across the world, Euro Jackpot is one of the big jackpot possibility choices for many Lottoland customers. This is not too surprising, as it’s payouts can head up to around the €90m ($125m) mark. The Euro Jackpot lotto draw is a Friday night event in Helsinki, Finland at 9pm (that’s Eastern European Time).

Playing through our Lottoland portal, first pick five numbers between 1 and 50, and then another two EuroNumbers 1 to 10. Match all these choices and you are in Euro Jackpot heaven! Incidentally, their minimum payout is €10m/$14m, and the odds of picking up a prize are 1:42. Purchasing a single Euro Jackpot game is $3*, so come to Lottoland and give this great lottery a go right now.

French Lottery

If you haven’t yet entered the French Lotto game, here are three great reasons why you should think about it. Firstly, their three draws a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.30pm CET) means rollover jackpots rise quickly from the minimum €2m/$3m. Secondly, your odds of winning a prize are an excellent 1:16. Thirdly, it’s just $3* a game to be part of it.

Oh la, la and la! Match a total of six numbers and you could be eternally in love with beautiful France. So, make that first eye contact across a crowded website at Lottoland without delay.

German Lotto & Keno

Willkommen! Indeed a warm welcome always awaits you at Lottoland, and increasing numbers of people are paying us a visit to enjoy this pair of games from across in Europe. German Lotto, with a jackpot draw each Wednesday and Saturday; and daily at 3.10 AEST is the draw time of the popular German Keno draw. With a German Lotto record jackpot standing at more than €45 million ($70m here), it’s no surprise how popular it is in its home country. In Australia, Lottoland is the portal to play either German Keno or Lotto and your entry starts at $1.50* for one game.

Irish Lotto

Ireland – that green land where four-leaved shamrocks bring luck and kissing a big stone is okay! The people there know how to have a good time, and for many, part of this is entering their own Irish Lotto. You can join them in this on our Lottoland website and enjoy picking six numbers from 47. Less than some choices, which makes the winning odds more in your favour than do many other games, at 1:10,737,573. Their Irish Lotto Jackpot draw minimum is €2m or here $3m.

Wednesday and Saturday are the draw days and just $3.50* the single game price. It might not only just be Irish eyes that are smiling.

Polish Lotto

AS our Lottoland team searched Europe for terrific lottery games for you to play, we quickly knew we would be including the Polish Lotto jackpot draw. The first reason is that you can play it for a super-low $1.25* for a single game – great value! Secondly, with a trio of draws every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, those rollover jackpots can grow quickly – great news!

With those Polish lotto jackpots heading into millions of dollars and a winning chance set at 1:13,933,816, their terrific per game value certainly seems even more worth an Australian punt. Treat yourself to one at Lottoland right now.

Swedish Lotto

Jackpott! Not a misprint, simply our way of introducing you to the Swedish Lottery and its jackpott draw! It takes place every Saturday and Wednesday and Lottoland customers only need to provide $1.50* to fund a game. The odds of winning a jackpott are excellent, compared to many alternative games, at considerably less than seven million to one. The Swedish Lotto draw jackpot record stands at a terrific 237m Kronor (approx $40m) and there are six prize divisions available.

That’s all we need to tell you about this great game, now please come and enjoy playing it with us at Lottoland.

UK Lotto

The UK Lotto was launched more recently than many others, starting in November 1994. Since then it has become part of the fibre of the nation, hugely popular, both with the Wednesday night draw, which delivers a minimum jackpot of £2.5m ($4.7m) and on Saturday night, with the draw often part of another game show on TV, when the minimum is £5m ($9.5m).

UK Lotto draw rollover jackpots have tended to grow in recent times, since your six numbers can now be chosen from an increased spread of 1-59. The present record high jackpot payout is £66m ($126m), and UK Lotto games cost just $4.50* a time through Lottoland. Please come and join the next draw now.

* price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing , prices are subject to change.