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Keno Online in Australia

One of the most convenient ways to play KeNow is via Lottoland. This site, much-loved by keen lottery players everywhere, allows you to enjoy Keno Australia online from the comfort of your lounge room. Simply connect your computer, smart phone or tablet to the Internet and start giving your luck numbers a whirl. For an even easier experience, try downloading the Keno Australia Lottoland app. It puts everything you need to play Keno just a few swipes away.

Keno Australia draws are on every four minutes. In other words, you can put yourself in the running to win a million bucks 15 times an hour, seven days a week. To make sure you don’t miss the first game, get online by 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT). From then, draws continue until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

The way that Keno Australia draws work isn’t too complicated. 70 numbers are put into every draw. Of these, 20 are pulled out, randomly. In order to enter, you should pick a bunch of lucky numbers. You can choose one only or as many as 10. It’s entirely up to you. That said, though, it’s important to keep in mind that, the more numbers you enter, the bigger your potential KeNow winnings. For the jackpot to become yours, it’s necessary to enter 10 numbers, staked 10x, and for all of them to match the winning Keno numbers. That’s not the only way to in, though. Some prizes are still available, even without any matches at all.

It doesn’t cost much to enter Keno Australia on Lottoland. Just $1* a game is all you need. So, there’s no need to wait around any longer. Swing by Lottoland now and try a new Keno experience.

Play Keno On Mobile or Web

For Keno action every day of the week, play through Lottoland Australia. This convenient site makes it easier than ever to find out just how lucky your lucky numbers are. Every four minutes, a new draw kicks off. The first game of the day is at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT), while the last one is at :54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). All in all, that’s 15 draws every hour. Each and every one of them present you with an opportunity to score a cool million.

Are you wondering how to play Keno online? It’s the same as playing at your local pub and club. Start by deciding how many numbers you’d like to enter, whether that’s one number, ten numbers or another amount. Then, consider what size stake you’d like to lay down. Finally, make your entry, kick back and wait and see if your lucky day has arrived. All Keno draws contain 70 numbers, of which 20 are drawn out at random.

The more you’d like to win, the more numbers you must enter and the more you must stake. The only way to nab the one million is by laying down stakes of 10x on ten numbers. Below that, potential winnings vary.

What’s more, when you play Keno with Lottoland, you have a chance of winning, even if you don’t manage to match any numbers at all. Games are pretty affordable, too, at $1 a go.

Keno Odds

Numerous lotteries take place every week in all corners of the Earth. But, the odds offered by Keno are hard to beat. Each and every draw gives you 1:2,147,181 of winning a million.

In addition, you can take advantage of these excellent Keno odds 15 times an hour. That’s right, Keno draws are held every four minutes, beginning at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and stopping at 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Have you ever played Keno before? If so, you’ll know that your job is to enter between one and 10 numbers. Your decision has an impact on both your odds and your potential winnings. For example, the selection of one number only puts your Keno odds at 1:4.

On the other hand, choose a minimum of eight numbers and give yourself a chance to win, even if none of your numbers match those drawn. This is also the case, should you enter ten numbers altogether. That said, you’ll have more chance of winning more money, the more numbers you go with. Five matches can see you take home a decent prize.

To see if the awesome Keno odds can work in your favour, hop onto Lottoland today and have a flutter. You don’t need anything more than a spare dollar, an Internet connection, and a phone, tablet or computer.

How to Play Keno Online

For a more convenient, enjoyable Keno experience, try visiting Lottoland. This site is 100% committed to lotto and lets you enter Keno draws every day, nearly all day, wherever you are. The only things you need are an Internet connection and a mobile phone, tablet or computer. At every draw, a million bucks goes into the ring, and there are draws every four minutes, which means there are 15 every single hour. Keno draws kick off at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and go on until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Even if you’ve never tried it before, you won’t find it difficult to learn how to play Keno. The hardest bit is deciding how many numbers you’d like to try your luck on and how much money you’d like to stake on each one. All Keno draws involve 70 numbers and 20 of them are picked randomly. You get to choose just one number or as many 10, as well as a stake as little as $1 or as high as $10. The more numbers you choose and the more money you stake, the higher your potential winnings. Should you score 10 numbers staked at 10x, one million smackaroos will be all yours.

But, even if you don’t get the big jackpot, you can still win smaller prizes. For example, choose a minimum of eight numbers and fail to match a single one, and you can still take some money home. Why not try and play KeNow at Lottoland today?

Winning Keno Strategies

Needless to say, most keen Keno players dream of winning the big jackpot. After all, a million dollars can change your life. But that’s only one idea for how to win Keno. Even if you don’t score the big million, you can still nab smaller Keno prizes. The level of your potential winnings is determined by your Keno stakes and how many Keno numbers you choose to enter.

Playing Keno is child’s play. All you’ve got to do is think of all the numbers between 1 and 70, and pick at least one of them, or as many as ten. If you go with one or two numbers, then, to win, one or both must match the winning numbers. However, if you pick three numbers only, then you can get some money by matching only two (or more) of them.

This pattern carries on, as you add more and more numbers to the mix. Choose four numbers and you can win with a match of at least two. Pick five or six numbers, and you can win with a match of at least three.

In the meantime, pick seven numbers and match four or more to win; pick eight numbers and match four or more (or none!) to win; and, pick nine or 10 numbers, and match at least five (or, again, not a single one) to win.

The size of your Keno stakes determines how you much you stand to win. Lottoland lets you choose a stake between $1 and $10, and your winnings multiply, in accordance with your stake increasing.

Keno Number Results

Playing Keno can be a lot of fun, but hanging around waiting for results can get annoying. So, if you like to keep track of all the latest Keno numbers, then get to Lottoland. This site is dedicated to lotteries and, one of its many popular services is the provision of Lottoland results, straight after every draw.

And it’s not only the latest Keno results you get. You can also keep tabs of results from the day before, as well as take advantage of huge database covering past lottery results. This allows you to watch the performance of Keno numbers over time and, if you’re so inclined, come up with some winning Keno strategies.

What’s more, you can rest assured that Lottoland’s lottery results service covers each and every Keno draw. These are held every four minutes – or 15 times an hour. But, despite such intense frequency, you never have to wait to find out how your lucky numbers went and whether or not you won a prize of any size.

Every day, KeNow draws launch at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and don’t rest until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). 20 numbers are drawn out of a possible 70 each time. So, play nearly 24 hours a day and get the latest Keno results without waiting at Lottoland.