US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions Lotto

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the fabulous US Mega Millions lottery game, here at Lottoland we’re happy to provide the introduction. The first thing you might want to know is that it has been responsible for two out of the three biggest lottery jackpots of all time. The bigger of that enormous pair was paid out four years or so ago and totalled a truly amazing $840 million.

What else can we tell you? Well it’s so quick and easy to play online here at Lottoland, and the minimum jackpot is around a truly healthy $19m, the exact amount depending on how the currency markets are behaving. Add to this the fact that it rolls over and soon heads up into the tens and then hundreds of millions.

You can enter draws that take place on both Wednesdays and Saturdays and US Mega Millions delivers across a whopping nine prize divisions, and you even win simply by matching the Megaball itself. In all, you’ll need to choose five numbers from between one and 75 and that Megaball (one-15). Match all six to be a jackpot winner.

Now the introductions are complete, it’s time to play. It costs just $5 for a game and, at Lottoland, you can use the terrific Mega Millions MegaPlier option. Add just $1.50 to the game charge and you can multiply your winnings (except the jackpot) by up to five times. Come and give it a try.

Play US Mega Millions Online

Nowadays, so many people simply don’t have time to hang about. Life can be busy and urgent, and this is why we’ve designed our Lottoland online portal to be an amazingly quick and easy way to play so many of the world’s great lottery games. Wherever, and whenever, you can come and be part of the excitement.

Many of our customers come to us to play the astonishing US Mega Millions jackpot lottery. It’s only $5* per game, and it’s so quick to pick five numbers plus your choice of Megaball: entry completed. If all six then come up in the draw that’s the jackpot won. Just a few more seconds of your time and you can opt to use the amazing MegaPlier option. For just $1.50 more, this allows you to multiply any possible winnings (not the jackpot) by up to five times.

Why should you play US Mega Millions? Haven’t we mentioned the jackpots yet? Sorry! Well, the minimum is around $19m but this heads right up through the roof when roll overs start happening. So much so that the US Mega Millions jackpot draw record payout is a mind-crashing $840m, and that’s the second biggest by any lottery anywhere. And there are nine prize divisions, including winning simply by picking the right Megaball.

Head online to Lottoland now to be part of their next Wednesday or Saturday draw.

US Mega Millions vs US Powerball

Many friends of our Lottoland customers ask members of our team a really tricky question: should we play US Mega Millions or US PowerBall? It’s not an unexpected question as these are the two games, across the world, that pay out the biggest jackpots. Of course we’ve trained our people to always say ‘play both’ – as you would expect! But if you want to make that choice, here’s some important information to help you.

Playing offers no price difference as each game costs just $5* to play. US PowerBall holds the record for a jackpot payout, and it stands at a surreal $2.3 billion. Mind you, Mega Millions is in second place, and you’d struggle just as hard to spend all of that $840m! The fact is that these two games hold all of the top 15 places in the listing of record jackpot payouts. However, MegaMillions does come out well on top when you consider the chance of winning a prize; 1:15, compared to US PowerBall at 1:55.

When you decide on either or both, know Wednesdays and Saturdays are Mega Millions draw days, whereas it’s Thursday and Sundays chosen by US PowerBall. Whatever choice you’ve made, play it online now at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions Promotions

At Lottoland we think our customers are great. Yes you are, so don’t go all modest on us! Therefore, we like to let you know how much we appreciate you by making some terrific promotional offers. This is one of them and it concerns US Mega Millions.

US Mega Millions is a Wednesday and Saturday event. If you haven’t yet clued up on this amazing game, here’s the important stuff: it has paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever. Their best, in 2012, was an amazing $840m. The minimum jackpot is around $19m, and roll overs see this build regularly into the tens and then even the hundreds of millions. US Mega Millions also delivers across 9 prize divisions, including for simply matching your single Megaball choice. You add five more numbers to this for the draw, and win the jackpot if all six then match the numbers chosen.

That’s the game, this is the great Lottoland promotional offer. When you purchase a subscription for MegaMillions for at least one game in each of the Wednesday and Saturday’s draws, we’ll take 15% off the cost. In other words, that’s just $8.50* for two games instead of a full $10. So head online and join us now and take advantage of this great cash-saver offer.

US Mega Millions Results

If you have entered any of our great lottery draws, either for Australian or overseas competitions, you’ll want the results to be available just when you want them, and be there for as long as you need them to be. That’s what Lottoland delivers. You can join us whenever you can, from wherever you find yourself, and as soon as a draw is completed we’ll be posting the winning numbers and draw results.

This is certainly true for one of our most popular games – and that’s US Mega Millions. As it has paid 2 of the 3 biggest lottery jackpots of all time, it’s no surprise that people who enter want to know exactly what’s happened! By the way, the biggest pay out from US Mega Millions was a mere $840 million.

Their Wednesday and Saturday draws roll over quickly into the hundreds of millions, and they also pay across a generous nine prize divisions, including one if your single Megaball choice matches the draw. You add five more numbers for the full draw and a complete match means it’s jackpot time.

We did say at the start that our Lottoland team keep results for as long as you need them. In fact, we still have every single set of US Mega Millions from the latest draw stretching right back to the first one in 1996. Come and play and check with ease online at Lottoland.